Cylinder Oil Feed Rate – Current Low Load Advice

The main engine manufacturers acknowledge that low load ops are leading to a required change in cylinder lube oil management. It is now no longer the simple act of balancing fuel sulphur with Base Number  and feed rate. The load and relative temperature of the liner will require monitoring to ensure that conditions are avoided which can cause cold corrosion.

RTM 0072 ST Preliminary report


Honing marks removed due to corrosion


In addition the modern lower BN products may not be ideal in all circumstances  – I recommend a thorough review of the CLO management process when working a low load operational policy.

Files are attached for convenience

Wartsila CLO low load RT-148

Wartsila Lubes RT-138

MAN Diesel and Turbo SL2013-571

CLO feed rate optimising proc 2013-05-31


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